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CEOs urged to commit to fighting antisemitism in workplace

The pledge is a response to the rise of workplace antisemitism.

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26% of recruiters admitted bias against Jewish applicants.
Addressing antisemitism is crucial in DE&I.
Ensure robust religious accommodation policies.

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26% of recruiters admitted bias against Jewish applicants

CEOs of major corporations are urged to endorse the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) pledge, actively combating workplace antisemitism. ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt emphasised the urgency of taking a stand against rising global antisemitism. Companies committing to the pledge agree to:

  1. Address antisemitism in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion education.
  2. Support Jewish employees through resource groups and programming.
  3. Ensure robust religious accommodation policies.
  4. Use their social media platforms to denounce antisemitism.


Over a dozen brands, including Accenture, adidas, Google, and more, have already committed to the pledge, setting an example for others. The ADL lauds their leadership and anticipates more brands joining in the future. Fortune 500 companies have received information on combating antisemitism, religious accommodations, and Jewish culture under the Biden administration’s strategy.

The pledge is a response to growing workplace antisemitism. In the US, 26% of recruiters admitted bias against Jewish applicants, and 17% were told not to hire from this group. The recent Israel-Hamas conflict quadrupled antisemitic incidents in the UK, with 89 “anti-Jewish hate” cases reported between October 7 and 10.