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How HR can use AI to ease M&A process

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STL leverages AI for integration

STL, one of the world’s leading fiber optic providers with approximately 8,000 employees worldwide, has been expanding rapidly since the pandemic began, acquiring businesses globally. To ensure a successful M&A process and true integration, the company has increased its use of AI in human resources functions. By leveraging technology, STL aims to strike a balance between the use of technology and the human touch. The company believes that AI should be used in a meaningful way that creates a common experience and scale across the organization.

STL has been transparent with employees about the benefits of implementing AI processes to reduce uncertainty and ambiguity. Some of the use cases that resonated with employees included standardizing experiences across the organization, scaling at speed while maintaining the human touch, and increasing employee inclusivity. One of the company’s most powerful tools has been an AI-based CV stack ranking tool that eliminates unconscious bias in the recruitment process, making it more inclusive.

According to  Anjali Byce, AI brings different processes together with speed, bringing solutions together with experience, making true meaningful integration happen. Overall, STL believes that using AI in a meaningful way is critical during the growth period and can lead to a common experience and scale across the board.