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The offering strengthens job post verifications

In a recent announcement on Monday, LinkedIn has initiated the implementation of verifications on job posts, enabling users to determine the authenticity of the poster. The verifications encompass various aspects, including affiliation with an official company page, verification of work email or workplace, and validation of government ID through CLEAR. This step is part of LinkedIn’s ongoing efforts to enhance transparency and security within its platform.

Earlier in April, LinkedIn introduced additional means for recruiters and job seekers to verify their accounts at no cost. These methods include government ID verification and confirmation of work email addresses. Moreover, companies utilizing the Microsoft Entra platform can issue digital workplace IDs, further bolstering verification processes.

To combat potential scams and protect users, LinkedIn will now flag messages containing “high-risk content.” These include instances where recruiters request applicants to continue conversations on alternative platforms, which could indicate fraudulent activities. This measure aims to address the proliferation of fake job applicants and deceptive job ads that have become more prevalent amid the pandemic and the rise of remote work.

During the summer of 2022, the FBI issued a warning regarding fraudulent candidates utilizing deepfake technology to conceal their identities. Such individuals would infiltrate companies, gain access to company logins, and compromise sensitive information. To safeguard against these schemes, experts advise HR departments and recruiters to exercise due diligence by thoroughly verifying employee documents, examining social media profiles, and paying close attention during video interviews. It is crucial not to overlook any feelings of unease or suspicion, as they may indicate potential scams, as advised by industry professionals.

In addition to the risks faced by job seekers, fake job ads can also have detrimental effects on employers already struggling to find qualified talent. Building trust throughout the recruitment process is paramount, and a poorly executed recruiting arm can easily appear illegitimate. For instance, Indeed’s support page regarding job scams highlights unprofessional communication and missing contact information as warning signs associated with potentially fraudulent job ads.

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Malaysian organizations warned about talent loss 

A recent report has cautioned organizations across Malaysia about the potential loss of skilled employees, as a study revealed that salary continues to be a significant motivating factor influencing career decisions.

The 2023 Salary and Bonus Expectations report by Randstad highlighted that 91% of surveyed employees stated that a higher salary serves as a motivation to switch employers this year. The remaining nine percent of respondents cited various reasons for their decision:

  1. Unfavorable workplace culture (50%)
  2. Poor work-life balance (27%)
  3. Excessive workload (12%)
  4. Desire for a career change (11%)

The study’s findings emphasized that employees now anticipate higher salaries and fair bonuses due to inflation and increased living costs. Approximately 54% of respondents expressed the belief that their compensation did not adequately reflect their contributions, skills, and experience.

Despite these expectations, only 49% of respondents reported receiving a salary increase of up to five percent. Additionally, 39% indicated that their salaries would not be adjusted this year, and 31% stated they would not receive an annual bonus for their previous contributions. These figures differ significantly from the experiences of 30% of respondents who changed employers within the past 12 months, as they reported receiving higher pay. Among them, almost half (49%) received a salary increase of over 20%. The remaining respondents received the following salary increments:

  1. 16% to 20% increase (12%)
  2. 11% to 15% increase (12%)
  3. 6% to 10% increase (11%)
  4. Less than five percent increase (16%)

Randstad emphasized the “crucial” importance for employers to recognize the role of salary in motivating and retaining talented individuals. The company stated on its website, “To attract top talent and meet new expectations, companies must conscientiously review and adjust their internal salary and bonus structures to align with evolving skill demands, meet employee expectations, and remain competitive in the market.

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Tech recruitment firm wins in two categories 

UK-based tech recruitment firm VHR has just been announced as the winner of the International Trade and Employer of the Year categories at the 2022 Global Business Excellence Awards.

The Global Business Excellence Awards are one of the world’s highest profile awards and have a large panel of independent expert judges who select winners based on strict criteria for each category and sector. They focus on financial results, innovation, customers, employees, investors, and community benefits.

The Awards attract entries worldwide, from large international PLCs and public sector organisations to SMEs.

Danny Brooks, CEO at VHR, said: “The VHR team and I are beyond delighted and deeply honoured to have received a double award win at the Global Business Excellence Awards. I, Paul and VHR are proud to fly the flag for Great Britain in over 52 countries across the world. International Trade is vitally important to VHR accounting for 75% of our business enabling us to create work for over 12,000 people in the UK and overseas and generating more than £190 Million in exports since 2003”

The chairman of the judges of the Global Business Excellence awards said: “Congratulations to UK-based international technical recruitment specialists VHR for responding to the uncertainty around Brexit by targeting new overseas markets outside Europe, enabling it to report that 75% of business is international. The company’s strategy to take on staff with second languages with a number coming from outside the UK was a wise move that has boosted overseas contract placements and helped when setting up onsite offices. VHR has generated significant foreign revenue and helped to position the UK as an expert in technical recruitment.

By supporting staff to develop their careers and through the provision of a marvellous line-up of benefits, VHR has established itself as a great place to work. This is a company that values and rewards staff for their hard work. All staff are fully supported with training and individual development plans to reach their full potential. VHR’s ethical recruitment policy is particularly inspiring for its commitment to equality. VHR’s people policy is the backbone of the company helping it to achieve dazzling success and win a host of prestigious awards.”

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75% of employees feel salaries should increase in line with inflation

A recent study by Insight Global, a staffing firm, has revealed that 66% of American workers are concerned they will need to look for a higher paying job in order to keep up with inflation.

The survey took place in March and included 1,005 US workers who are employed full time.

The rise of inflation is also prompting some workers to ask their bosses for flexibility to work from home to save on fuel costs. The survey found that 26% of workers who said they are seriously considering looking for a new job also plan to ask that they be allowed to work from home with 24% of those already working remotely planning to continue doing so most or all of the time until gas prices go down.

Overall, 75% of workers believe employers should increase pay during economic inflation.

Bert Bean, CEO at Insight Global commented: “Leaders need to get ahead of this curve before they see some of their greatest talent leave to explore other career opportunities. The simplest way to ensure your employees are content in their current roles is to ask them. Find out what they need — is it a raise, the ability to work from home or are they feeling disconnected?”

Other findings in the survey included:

  • 56% of American workers feel there are many job openings, but few job opportunities offering pay that can keep up with the rising cost of living.
  • 61% of workers who say they are seriously considering looking for a new job feel there are many job openings, but few job opportunities offering pay that can keep up with the rising cost of living.

Flexible working remains key in navigating the skills shortage crisis as employees will continue to look for roles that offer flexible and support during turbulent economic times.

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