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New York City office opening marks a significant step in River’s international plans

After eight years of working with clients in the United States, River Partnership is proud to announce the official opening of its New York City office. Emily Mackey, who was recently appointed as River Partnership’s US Director, will lead the firm’s ongoing efforts in North America, expanding support for clients across the region.

Emily has spent the last five years advising executives on recruitment and growth strategies within the commercial areas of their businesses. In addition to Emily’s extensive executive search experience, she is a champion of diversity, equity, & inclusion initiatives both nationally and internationally.

Emily Mackey, US Director, River Partnership commented: “From my first conversations with Jamie Stokes, Managing Partner & CEO of River Partnership and Alexandra Baskerville, London Partner, I felt aligned to the vision for growth and the culture at River Partnership. I’m thrilled to be part of expanding that vision and building the same culture here in New York. The opportunity we have in North America to build on the expertise from the London team specifically across climate & sustainability, biotech, and consumer goods & retail, is massive. I look forward leveraging the knowledge from our global team to drive growth in these key areas in the US.”

River’s mission is to build brilliant teams, within their firm as well as for their clients. Following the Singapore office opening in 2019, the New York City office marks a significant step in River’s international plans and ethos of operating globally with a nuanced understanding of local markets. Emily and Alexandra Baskerville will partner to accelerate the growth of the Strategy & Transformation business in the US across the professional services & advisory sector, financial services, corporates, and the burgeoning renewables sector.

Jamie Stokes added, “We have taken our first step in New York, and we are all excited about the journey ahead!”

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The Social Media Recruiting Guide

According to talent attraction experts at Adway, they’ve cracked the code to simpler, smarter recruiting that gets you way more candidates and it’s a lot simpler than you think. In a talent-scarce market, isn’t that what recruiters are looking for?

It’s all about automated social recruitment marketing.

As the number of job vacancies in the U.K. continue to reach record highs each month (1.3 million) there’s never been a better time to test out recruitment strategies that truly work. 

Well-executed social media recruiting allows modern recruiters to dive into a talent pool of 4.6 billion+ candidates who are active users on social media. It elevates their employer brand so they can stand out against their competitors, it allows them to tell the story of what it’s like to work at their company! Recruiters can now reach their dream talent on any device.

Automated social recruiting marketing creates a candidate experience that draws from best-in-class e-commerce advertising tactics — with highly-intelligent, targeted ad campaigns that compel candidates to explore the employer’s potential, review job listings and apply on the spot.

Adway’s Ultimate Guide to Social Media Recruiting is a must-read tool for busy TA professionals who want to spend less time hunting for candidates and more time meeting them.

Get the tips and tricks to:

  • Pinpoint where you are in the social media recruiting process
  • Determine the right metrics to track your strategic success
  • Measure your efforts so you can reach your goals faster

If you’re ready to benefit from one of TA’s best-kept secrets — and you need actionable steps to get started — download the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Recruiting today.


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