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Milton Keynes, Oxford, and York top the list

Milton Keynes, Oxford, York, St Albans, and Norwich have the best job opportunities. This is according to new research from HR software provider Ciphr.

The research looked at 50 cities across the country and compared factors such as their average earnings, recent salary growth, employment rate changes, unemployment rate, number of job listings, SME density, life satisfaction, happiness scores, and housing affordability.

Based on their research, they arrived at the top 15 cities that offer the best employment opportunities for job hunters or people looking for a change of career:

  • Milton Keynes (#1 for job opportunities)
  • Oxford (#1 for employment rate growth and happiness)
  • York
  • St Albans (#1 for highest average salary and lowest unemployment rate)
  • Norwich
  • Cambridge (#1 for job listings per person)
  • Colchester (#1 for salary growth)
  • Aberdeen
  • Bristol
  • Coventry
  • Leeds
  • Canterbury (#1 for life satisfaction)
  • Gloucester
  • Doncaster (#1 for housing affordability)
  • Wrexham

Top paying cities

  • St Albans with an average full-time salary of £46,551. (41% above the UK average)
  • London, with an average salary of £39,391
  • Cambridge
  • Milton Keynes
  • Oxford

Top cities for inflation-beating salary growth

  • Colchester (12.9%)
  • Chichester (12.1%)
  • Wrexham (11.5%)
  • Salford (11.2%)
  • Portsmouth (10.7%)

The average salaries in these cities are all around the UK average of £33,000.

Best cities for job seekers

  • Cambridge (396 job postings per 10,000 working-age people)
  • Exeter (373)
  • Bristol (326)
  • Manchester (318)
  • Oxford (289)
  • Norwich (286)
  • Nottingham (272)
  • Gloucester (259)
  • Preston (247)
  • York (229).

The UK average is 183 postings per 10,000 working-age people.

Most affordable cities to buy or rent

A city’s level of affordability is an important consideration, especially with the current cost-of-living crisis. The midlands or north of England – Doncaster, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Hull, and Bradford topped the list.

London, Oxford, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Bristol, and Winchester were at the other end of the scale, with housing being the least affordable compared to the average salary.

For renters, the best city is Hull, as the average rent is around 20% of the average salary. On the other hand, the most expensive city is Edinburgh, with a rent-to-income ratio of 46%.

The best city for home buyers is Belfast.  The average property price of £156,161 is 5.2 times the average income. In comparison, London has an average property price of £743,738  – 18.9 times the average salary.

The UK’s happiest cities

  • According to the Office for National Statistics’ latest annual personal well-being survey results, the following cities topped the list with an average score of 15.5 out of 20. Winchester
  • Lancaster
  • Oxford

The full results of the report are available at www.ciphr.com/best-uk-cities-for-job-opportunities-2023


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New technology will help reduce TA budgets and advertising costs

Jobrapido, a global job search engine with more than 100 million registered job seekers in 58 countries has announced the launch of the Smart Subscription Service.

The unique and innovative fixed-fee recruitment model, based on performance, aims help millions of direct employers and recruitment agencies across the UK meet their hiring needs in today’s challenging market conditions.

Using advanced recruitment technology, the new subscription model will reduce talent acquisition budgets and annual advertising costs for UK businesses. The new service has launched in Italy and the Netherlands and Jobrapido is planning to roll out the subscription model across more regions in the EU by the end of 2022.

The cost of the subscription starts from a promotional £350 for a three-month period and will allow businesses to have unlimited job postings and change job postings 24/7 without ever having concerns of incurring additional costs. Smart Subscription is now available in the UK with three promotional offers for new customers: 3, 6 and 12-month.

Typically, recruitment costs are dramatically higher – it is estimated (according to research from Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM) that the average cost of one new employee is £3,000+ and takes an average of 42 days to fill an open position.

This first of its kind model also means businesses can:

  • Benefit from unlimited job postings at a fixed cost and from the full power of Smart Programmatic Advertising to access new candidate streams
  • Receive relevant on-demand applications from qualified candidates as well as a guaranteed number of applications
  • Benefit from Jobrapido’s SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ which continuously scans and matches socio-demographical and behavioural data of all job seekers, building hyper-targeting capabilities and turning them into programmatic campaigns, to only deliver candidates which accurately fit the job positions companies are posting
  • Monitor recruitment progress in real time with a digital dashboard.

Established in 2006, Jobrapido has partnered with many of the leading corporate brands, staffing agencies, fast-growing start-ups as well as multinationals operating in a wide range of vertical sectors including:  Office and Administrative Support, Sales, Healthcare and Personal Care, Food and Hospitality, Business Operations, Transportation and Construction. Jobrapido also works closely with some of the largest and most prominent specialistjob boards across the UK, Europe and other parts of the globe.

The company is headquartered in Milan and has offices in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bangalore as well as which recently opened to support the launch of the new Smart Subscription Service.

Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido made comment: “Jobrapido recognised there was a big gap in the recruitment industry to ensure the talent acquisition needs of millions of small and medium sized organisations and recruiters can be met.

“Many businesses are still in the early stages of getting their business on track in the post-pandemic era and so it’s critical they can keep their recruitment advertising costs low, while being able to guarantee they find the right candidate from applications ­– particularly given such competitive and difficult talent acquisition market conditions.

“Jobrapido’s smart programmatic technology is capable of identifying and delivering on demand only the most suitable candidates at affordable prices. Combining this with our new subscription recruitment model means companies can now reap the benefits of an innovative, personalised recruiting experience based on actual performance; it’s more cost and time-efficient and delivers relevant applications while giving companies the flexibility and scalability they need in very tough market situations.”

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