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London takes the top spot for a career in sustainability
A new study by hybrid hospitality brand The Social Hub has analysed over 40 cities in Europe revealed the cities that offer the top opportunities for those looking for a career in sustainability. The study looked at factors such as pollution levels, tonnes of waste generated per year, the quality of parks and green spaces, and the cost of public transport to find out where is best to lead a green lifestyle.

London takes the top spot for a career in sustainability

London takes the top spot for number of jobs in sustainability currently available with over 10,000 postings, as well as just under 3,000 jobs looking for people with green skills. These employers are looking for skills relating to recycling, sustainability, and energy conservation. Although the average salary in London is relatively high at €3,461 a month, it’s important to consider the high living costs.

Paris ranks second place with 12,015 jobs (the highest out of all cities), and 677 jobs looking for people with green skills, followed by Lyon with 10,554 jobs in sustainability.

Stockholm and Bruges rank as the best cities for leading a green lifestyle

Stockholm topped the list of best European city for a green lifestyle. With 4,045 jobs in sustainability currently advertised, the second-highest air quality of all cities analysed (84.3 out of 100), and a sustainable development score of 85. However, the average cost of public transport is among the highest at €88 per month.

Bruges closely followed Stockholm in second place, boasting the most affordable public transport of all cities at €20 per month, as well as the highest score for parks and green spaces (90 points out of 100).

In third place, Copenhagen has the fourth-lowest amount of waste generated (233,805 tonnes on average, per year), but is known to be one of the most expensive cities to live in in Europe. The monthly cost for public transport is among the highest at €73 per month.

London didn’t make the top 10 of best cities to live a green lifestyle.

Amber Westerborg, Director of Sustainability & Impact at The Social Hub says: “Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle is a journey that many want to accelerate. By looking at what cities are providing their citizens, from green parks and spaces to affordable public transportation, you can see a more holistic view starting to develop of how systemic change is needed for a more sustainable future.

The boom in jobs in sustainability is encouraging to see, as people look for companies that are serious about this transition – something we must do by 2030 to stay within the 1.5 degrees laid out in the Paris Agreement.”

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Jobs board focuses on roles at companies that ‘do good’

Last week member states of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) agreed on new plans to create more jobs in sustainable industries.

The new jobs website, Jobs For Good,  is aimed at people who want to find jobs in sustainability industries where they can make a social impact. There are already 1,200 roles live on the website.

According to PWC’s latest reports, one in five people are looking to change jobs, with 68% of these wanting a more fulfilling job. Further, with over 70% of millennials wanting employers with a strong environmental agenda and 10% of workers saying that they would take a pay cut to work at an environmentally responsible company, it’s clear that there is a growing demand for jobs in companies that are ‘for good’.

In the UK, the ‘impact industry’ is worth £50 billion, employs 35,000 people, and has grown 127% since 2018.

The new jobs board only features jobs in companies that “do good” in that they positively impact people or the planet and are run responsibly. These can be in areas such as renewable energy, food production, health and wellbeing solutions, etc.

On the site, job seekers can search by job type and impact area without needing to sign in. They can then read about the companies’ ‘do good’ credentials before applying for the job online.

Job sectors include IT, marketing, product, sales, and admin roles, and companies are vetted for their ‘For Good’ credentials before they can add jobs to the website.

Olivia Spaethe, CEO of Jobs For Good, commented:  ‘Originally we built Jobs For Good in response the ‘Great Resignation’ and people looking for more fulfilling roles in sustainable companies. We’re really encouraged to see the UK Government and OECD agreeing to invest and focus more on this area too. We’re here to plug an important gap between sustainable start-ups looking for new workers, and those workers looking for the right do-good company to work for.’

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